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We will be closed Labor Day - Monday Sep 4, 2023

The only full-service urgent care with access to medical specialists to assist our NP's in orthopedics, ophthalmology, otolaryngology and other specialties.

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The only full-service urgent care with access to medical specialists to assist our NP's in orthopedics, ophthalmology, otolaryngology and other specialties.

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Any time one of our patients take the time to write US a review, we're grateful. Your feedback is valued more than you know and the following reviews and written testimonials are from our social media channels (Facebook, Yelp and Google My Business) as well as letters sent to our offices.


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Facebook, Yelp and Other Reviews

“The staff is knowledgeable and friendly. Don’t let their parking lot fool you, sometimes it looks like it must be packed in there, but people going to other businesses use their parking spaces. I have nothing but good things to say about this urgent care. They have taken good care of me every time that I have had to go there! A+++”
Katy P
Facebook Review
"The staff was great!! Professional, funny, attentive."
Tami W
Facebook Review
"I have visited this facility several times now. I have yet to be disappointed. It is the only urgent care where I have access to a Board Certified Physician. I was diagnosed with a slight fracture by Dr. Dixon their Orthopedic guy after seeing one of their NP's. Glad to have bypassed the ER."
Jonathan P
Facebook Review
"Nicest receptionist I have ever met, nurse was kind, PA was awesome, oh and kudos to the X-ray tech who was the receptionist that day! Great group of people all working together to help serve us."
Cathy M
Facebook Review
"I experienced tremendous lower leg pain and started to make appointments with Doctors in order to diagnose my symptoms. Many of these appointments incurred weeks of waiting time for an appointment. I was in tremendous pain and felt helpless due to the ineffective healthcare systems and what seemed like limited access to Specialists. I then met a woman who was kind enough to direct me to Urgent Specialists. I made an appointment, was diagnosed and medicine was prescribed to provide me with relief. The staff made an appointment for a MRI (scheduled for the next day) and made me an appointment with a Specialists within hours of the results. An ER visit was something that I wanted to avoid due to the long waiting periods and astronomical costs. The staff was empathetic, listened and truly cared. I was provided with not only relief but also empathy in a time when I needed it most. Urgent Specialists is a new model in what seems to be a collaboration by medical professionals and Specialists to provide healthcare like no other."
Hannetjie P
Facebook Review
"This place was by far the best Urgent Care facility I have ever been to. I get an ear infection about once every other year, it usually last for months . I called to let them know I would be there in an hour and when I arrived I filled out some paperwork and not even 5 minutes later they called me in. The Nurse Practictioner was very polite, friendly and listened to my needs. His name is Chayene Albuquerque. He prescribed ear drops and antibiotics. I was concerned that it would be expensive because the last one prescribed to me by minute clinic was about $120.00. He said not a problem, he would prescribe generic ones that work just as well. It's day 3 and I do believe it's working. He also recommended I go to an ENT. By the way, the owner of this place is also an  ENT and I will be making a long over due appointment with Dr. Robert L. Dean. If you need to go to Urgent care, I highly recommend Urgent Specialist."
Laurie L
Yelp Review
"The staff were kind, well informed and treated me with compassion and professionally. I went there twice in 2 weeks as I had a couple of secondary infections occur after getting the flu. I would recommend them to anyone! I was informed of all of my treatments and each time was checked in with after several days which was nice. I asked for a call back after I started feeling sicker after my first visit and they called back within 24hours. Thank you for such good care!!"
Jenny M
Yelp Review
"The facility these Specialists have established does them medical and human honor. Many in the medical profession complain about the quality of medical care and a lack of human concern. Urgent Specialists have done something substantial and effective about it. Everything they have chosen from the sunny location to coffee, water and a children’s play room speaks about their human concern. Every person I encountered treated me with a genuine friendliness as well as professional courtesy and excellence. I felt personally welcomed and care for. I was able to get the diagnosis and treatment I needed without the necessity of a referral. They saved me a great deal of time and effort. My follow-up needs were also immediately available, again without extended waiting times between visits. They even provide many low-cost medications which keeps me from another waiting time and journey. The promise of the immediate availability of a Specialists when the need arises, provided me with a sense of security although not necessary in this case. I can hardly think of a more satisfactory experience. Although the facility cannot serve as my personal care Physicians of record, I will use your facility as such when I need medical support even though you are a long distance from my home. You deliver what your newsletter promises and more. I have no doubt that these physicians invested considerably in creating this facility in time, planning, and expense. I thank you for your efforts. I wish you well deserved success."
Laurence & Silvia
"My 10 year old son fell off a play station while we visited a restaurant. He fell on both of his hands since he was trying to slow/stop his fall. I immediately called Urgent Specialists and they scheduled me for a visit. The care was immediate. He was taken in for X-rays and was in terrible shock due to the injury. The X-ray Technician put him to ease and was extremely kind. Dr. Dixon, a Board Certified Orthopedic surgeon was called in. He arrived within 45 minutes with his children. My son received casts. I was not certain what would happen after the visit but we were scheduled to see Dr. Dixon in his office during the next couple of days. The transition was fast and convenient. I have asthma and have been sick for many years. On one occurrence I called my Doctors during an incident/asthma attach and they told me to go to the ER. I wanted to bypass the ER, the hospital and the huge medical costs that it incurs. I then called Urgent Specialists and communicated my needs and was asked to come in. I was provided with an accurate diagnosis, the correct care and was in and out of the facility within half an hour."
Ms. Cain
"What a wonderful place in today’s healthcare climate where it takes 3 – 6 months to see a primary care physician or a Specialist. Nice to have a place that is all about the patients and taking care of their needs. Every time I have had to go in they have been pleasant and willing to assist with my issues."
"This is by far the best Urgent Care in Tucson. They go above and beyond to provide the best care. They provide follow up texts and answers any questions you have by phone."
Lindsey B
Facebook Review
"My kid hurt his wrist and I called around 6:30 pm not realizing they close at 7:00 pm. They talked me through splinting, icing and Ibuprofen and made an appointment for the morning. This saved me so much frustration and money. He has a buckle fracture and got him patched up and out the door quickly with a follow up with the Orthopedic Doctor in 10 days. This place is the best. Thank you."
Courtney S
Facebook Review
"Dear Practitioner Cindy, Thank you for your thoughtful, friendly, professional, and effective ministrations. You did wonderfully well in relieving a troublesome and confusing situation. The physicians who started the emergency practice must have done so to fulfill their vision of a human centered medical environment and practice. They were well advised in selecting you for its execution. You fulfill their vision as you fulfill the complex needs of your patients. Although your office cannot serve as my primary care provider, I intend to use you as such. The minimal copay required is nothing compared to the value of your service."
Laurence S
Facebook Review

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