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Winter is here and so are allergies


Stuffy nose, itchy and or watery eyes, runny nose, all this sounds like a winter cold but there is a chance that it is actually allergies. All too often people only associate allergies with summer because of the obvious flowers and trees blooming and the constant media coverage of pollen in the air. As winter falls upon us we are faced with a different set of irritants… With the cold, people tend to spend [...]

Winter is here and so are allergies2017-11-30T09:01:04+00:00

Not all Flu Shots are the same


To many people’s surprise not all flu vaccines are alike and have a huge variance on how they are created and what they treat. Right now in mainstream America there are about 8 flu shots to choose from. We have done our research and selected the new FLUCELVAX QUADRIVALENT FLU SHOT to administer this year. Let me explain why. As the prefix (“quad”) in the name indicates, it [...]

Not all Flu Shots are the same2017-10-13T09:16:19+00:00