chocolates may soothe coughs

Chocolate May Help Soothe Your Cough

Chocolate may help soothe your cough better than cough syrup.

The word is out and just in time since it is that time of year where just about everyone seems to be battling a nasty cough.  Here is the good news:   It is now said that chocolate is actually better at soothing coughs than traditional cough syrup.  It is not the first time that chocolate has been identified as a possible solution to soothe a cough.  Research has shown that chocolate reduces the frequency of a patients coughing as well as their sleep disruption within 48 hours.  It is believed that cocoa is a “demulcent”, which means that it is stickier and thicker than the standard cough medicine.  It therefore forms a thicker coating that protects the nerve endings in the throat that triggers the urge to cough.  

Cocoa contains a chemical called theobromine that can help the body fight off the symptoms of the common cold.  By blocking the sensory nerves, it will stop the cough reflex in a common cold.  The chocolate chemical can be more effective than codeine when treating a chronic cough. Chocolate contains cocoa which is an immune boosting food and eating chocolate (or cocoa) that is low in fat and sugar can also help increase the good cholesterol in your body.  

It might sound too good to be true, or even like you won the golden ticket to Willie Wonka’s chocolate factory, but the next time you are coughing or feeling ill, indulge in a little chocolate. What more desirable way to make you feel better, in more ways than one!

Happy New Year,
The US Team


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