Acute Vision Changes

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An acute vision change occurs when a patient has a sudden onset of a disturbance in their field of vision. This can have many causes, many of which are very serious and will require immediate medical attention.

Problems within the eye

Although not life-threatening, acute vision changes caused by problems within the eye should still be seen as urgent. Possible causes include retinal tears and detachment, as well as vitreous hemorrhage and detachment.

Non ocular causes

Because one’s vision is connected to the greater functioning of the nervous system and the brain, medical problems in other systems can affect one’s vision. These causes include:

  •     • Brain tumors
  •     • Head injuries
  •     • Mental health problems
  •     • Migraines
  •     • Stroke
  •     • Diabetes
  •     • High blood pressure
  •     • Using drugs (prescriptions or recreational)


Since the cause of an acute change in vision can be caused by such a varied list of medical issues, doctors need to be very thorough in diagnosing it. Considering that so many of these are life-threatening, these diagnostic tests include more physicians than eye doctors. A patient’s medical history is often a good indicator of the cause but acute symptoms can also be a sign of a new condition.


Urgent Specialists has doctors from many specializations and general physicians who can diagnose serious problems quickly. Whether the rapid change in vision ends up being eye-related or something more dangerous, the members of our team will be ready to act to save your vision or your life.