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Bladder infections are bacterial infections affecting the urinary tract, especially the urinary bladder. They are also called urinary tract infections, but that is a broader term that can also refer to kidney infections. A bladder infection is caused by bacteria traveling up the urethra into the bladder and multiplying.


The symptoms of a bladder infection tend to include:

  •     • Urine with a foul odor
  •     • Pain in the lower back or abdomen
  •     • Stinging during urination
  •     • More frequent urination
  •     • Heightened urgency to urinate
  •     • Cloudy appearance to urine

Gender Difference

A major consideration in treating or preventing bladder infections is not leaving time and space for bacteria to multiply. If one drinks a lot of water and urinates frequently, the urine will not have a chance to become a breeding ground for bacteria. Cranberry juice has some helpful qualities in fighting urinary tract infections, as well.

But to really recover, the sufferer will need to visit a health provider. The office will likely perform a urinalysis to confirm the infection is present, and then antibiotics are often prescribed. Within a couple days, the infection usually clears. It can recur if one does not practice proper hygiene and stay hydrated. Visit Urgent Specialists in Tucson, Arizona if you are suffering from a urinary tract infection, and we can diagnose and treat it immediately.