Inflammation of the Eyelid

//Inflammation of the Eyelid
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Inflammation of the eyelid, also known as blepharitis, is a very common irritation of the eye. It is not generally an emergency situation but can be uncomfortable.


Blepharitis symptoms are often mild and never life-threatening. As the name suggests, the condition involves inflammation of the eyelid. Dry eyes almost always accompany blepharitis. Many physicians consider the two symptoms to be part of the same condition, which is sometimes referred to as DEBS (dry eye blepharitis syndrome). Other symptoms include:

  •     • Crust on eyelashes
  •     • Blurred vision
  •     • Itching and burning of the eyes
  •     • Red, swollen, puffy appearance
  •     • Blinking to remove debris from eyes


The eyelids can become inflamed from a number of common causes.

  •     • Using eye makeup, especially eyeliner and mascara
  •     • Allergic reactions
  •     • Eyelash mites
  •     • When the oil glands of the eye become clogged
  •     • Viral and bacterial infections of the eye


For minor symptoms, blepharitis can be treated at home. The person suffering can dampen a cloth with warm water and place it over their closed eyes for 10 minutes. The dry, irritated eyes will relax and moisten, and some of the debris will loosen. Certain over the counter eye drops can help moisten dry eyes, as well. Eyelid scrubs are another at-home procedure that can offer relief.

If the blepharitis is caused by severe allergic reactions, by pink eye, or if the symptoms intensify, you should visit a doctor. More intensive treatment may be necessary. The trained eye doctors at Urgent Specialists will be able to assist with diagnosing and treating any inflammation of the eyelid.