The only full-service urgent care with access to medical specialists in orthopedics, ophthalmology, otolaryngology and other specialties.

The only full-service urgent care with access to medical specialists in orthopedics, ophthalmology, otolaryngology and other specialties.

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Urgent Specialists St. Louis Now Open

Urgent Specialists Opens in St. Louis

Urgent Specialists brings a new healthcare delivery model to the area. It is the only full-service urgent care with direct access to specialty physicians and surgeons in emergency medicine, orthopedics, ophthalmology, dermatology, gastroenterology and ear, nose and throat medicine.

Urgent Specialists’ team of emergency medical experts collaborates with physician specialists, making it well equipped to go beyond the services of a basic urgent care to provide an accurate diagnosis, decreasing costs while improving patient outcomes, the first time.

When extra care is required, Urgent Specialists provides a specialty physician for things like casting broken bones, chronic sinusitis and complex ear infections, broken noses, vision and sudden-hearing loss, foreign body in the eye, abdominal pain, skin infection, vertigo, surgery and much more. 

Urgent Specialists also provides services such as treating lacerations, and dislocations; administering EKGS, health physicals, vaccines and IVs; diagnosing common illnesses such as strep, mono, flu and cold; as well as STD, UTI, drug and pregnancy testing and more.

Urgent Specialists has an in-house pharmacy and laboratory, fully-equipped traditional and specialty-specific exam rooms. When needed, it offers in-house X-ray services, access to quickly-scheduled MRI’s for orthopedic injuries, sinus-CT scans, as well as access to more nearby same-day imaging.  However, by supporting all of our services with specialty-care expertise, the need for such imaging is greatly reduced, which in turns minimizes cost by eliminating unnecessary scans and tests.

While Urgent Specialists is open every day with extended hours, it also offers tele-medicine to patients who have trouble getting to the center, traveling or after hours. The telemedicine service simulates an in-office consultation using live video between patient and the healthcare team.

With the patient’s permission we forward all results and diagnostic notes to the patient’s primary care doctor, respecting that relationship and making ongoing-quality care easier for the patient.

Urgent Specialists is conveniently located at 14169 Manchester Road in Manchester, Missouri which is easily accessible to the entire St. Louis area. We are locally owned and specialty run by physicians serving the greater St. Louis area for decades.  By offering a higher-level of service, Urgent Specialists is an innovative alternative to chain and hospital-owned urgent cares and emergency rooms when a patient needs any type of non-life-threatening medical treatment.

PRESS RELEASE, St. Louis, Missouri, November 20, 2019


For more information about this Press Release or Urgent Specialists’ services:

Contact: ReGina Simo, Director of Operations
14169 Manchester Road
St. Louis, Missouri, 63011

About Urgent Specialists

Urgent Specialists is the creation of Dr. Robert Dean, an Otolaryngologist who trained at St. Louis University with fellow Otolaryngologist, Dr. Scott Hardeman. Together they set out to open a specialty-run, higher-level of service, acute-care center in St. Louis to transform how healthcare is delivered to address rising healthcare costs and diagnostic error.

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